STOA GROUP is a consulting firm that focuses on...

"The Human Side of Enterprise."

Our expertise is in management development, employee learning & performance, and organizational development.

Through consulting, training, and executive coaching, our Mission is to increase the value, performance, loyalty, growth, and profitability of your managers and employees.

"The Key to Wisdom is to know the difference between things as they appear, and the Reality that lies behind those appearances."

Socrates (469 - 399 BC)

By all appearances, today's corporations look as if their employee management, learning, and performance initiatives are achieving optimal success. The Reality, however, can be quite different. There are far too many managers who aren't managing employees effectively, trainers who aren't training employees soundly, employees who aren't achieving optimal learning, and employees who have learned in a corporate classroom, but aren't transferring that learning into improved performance on the job. It is a business imperative of the 21st Century that organizations remedy these all too common dilemmas.

"Decide Who you Must be, then Do what you Must do."

Epictetus(c. 55 - c. 135 AD)

The fields of management development, employee learning & performance, and organizational development constitute advanced domains of knowledge, with a multiplicity of theoretical and applied approaches.

STOA GROUP uses these theories and applications to help your company decide "Who" you Must be, and help you "Do" what you Must do to revitalize and align your company's management, learning, and performance initiatives with your strategic objectives.

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