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STOA: "An ancient Greek porch, colonnade, or covered walk, usually having columns on one side and a wall on the other." Websters Dictionary

In ancient Greece, the great philosophers would gather and teach their pupils in a STOA.

At STOA GROUP, we try to heed the quality, essence, and most importantly, THE TRUTH, of that philosophical approach, and bring that to your business.

Peter Filledes is the Principal and Founder of STOA GROUP. He has eighteen years of solid business experience in numerous Management, Organizational Development, Training, Sales, and Marketing positions with Gillette, Pfizer, Putnam Investments, and PNC Financial Services.

Peter holds a Masters Degree in Instructional Design & Performance Technology from Boise State University and a B.S. in Biology from Westfield State College. In addition, he completed a full undergraduate business curriculum at Boston College, and studied Organizational Behavior and Development at the Babson College, F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business.

In addition to his civilian experience, Peter's Leadership skills were honed through the many Leadership and Command positions he held during his 14 years as a US Army Reserve Infantry and Armor Officer, achieving the rank of Captain.

Peter resides in San Diego, CA. and is a member of the following Professional Organizations:

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